UPDATE: Water service interruption for Okanagan Landing area



The water main repairs have been completed and water service has been restored for the affected properties. Residents may experience turbidity in the water when they turn their taps back on. If this occurs, please run your cold water for up to 5 minutes to clear your lines.

The City thanks everyone for their understanding and patience while this work was completed. 


The City of Vernon would like to advise the public that a water main break has occurred along Okanagan Landing Road which requires emergency repairs. While repairs are underway, a temporary water outage will be experienced by a portion of residences in the Okanagan Landing area.

Starting at approximately 1:00 p.m. tomorrow (August 12), residences in the 5800 – 6200 blocks of Okanagan Landing Road and along Harbour Heights Rd will experience a water service interruption. The service interruption is expected to last approximately 4-6 hours.

Residences in the following areas will experience reduced water service and should note the water interruption area could expand without notice:

  • Properties west of the 6200 block of Okanagan Landing Road to the border of the Outback
  • Longacre area
  • Sunset Properties
  • Whitepoint Road
  • Predator Ridge

All residents in the affected areas are asked to make necessary arrangements to have a short-term water supply available before the interruption begins (such as filling bathtubs, pots and containers), and to conserve water use as much as possible to reduce impact to the system.

In anticipation of this temporary service change, City Operations and Fire Rescue Services have reviewed the available water resources for the Okanagan Landing and Predator Ridge areas and have confirmed the area reservoirs are full and available for use and have contingency plans in place in case of emergency.

The City will provide an updated media release when the repairs are complete and water service has been restored to impacted residences. When your water service resumes you may experience turbidity in the water.  If this occurs please run your cold water for up to 5 minutes to clear your lines.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience this disruption will cause and thanks everyone for your patience and cooperation.