Understanding recent changes to the Good Neighbour Bylaw #4980

January 6, 2020
Public Notice

On October 28, 2019 the City adopted amendments to the Good Neighbour Bylaw #4980. The changes help clarify definitions and conduct general housekeeping for Part V: Property Maintenance.

Recurring issues have been reported by the Protective Services, Transportation and Operations departments in regards to private property maintenance and the maintenance of City owned boulevards and lanes in Vernon. In order to address the issues, City Administration recommended Part V (Property Maintenance) of the Good Neighbour Bylaw #4980 be amended.

These amendments clarify definitions and expectations of private property owners to maintain outdoor storage, as well as adjacent boulevards and lanes. Common language has been used to explain terms within the bylaw, such as derelict vehicle and grass.

References to snow and ice maintenance have been removed from Bylaw #4980, as snow and ice regulations are located in the Traffic Bylaw #5600.

5.2       Part V of this Bylaw now applies to the orderly outdoor storage of goods.

5.4       “Every owner or occupier of real property adjacent to a boulevard or lane shall ensure that the portion of the boulevard or lane adjacent to the real property, is kept clean and free of debris, common and noxious weeds.

     a. Every owner or occupier of real property adjacent to a boulevard or lane shall maintain all ground covers and plant materials           including but not limited to trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses and perennials and plant materials planted by the City, developer or           property owner, on the adjacent boulevard or lane.”

5.7       Reference to snow and ice maintenance has been removed from Bylaw #4980. Please refer to Traffic Bylaw #5600 for regulations on snow and ice maintenance.

“Derelict vehicle” means any vehicle or part thereof, propelled other than by muscle power including a car, truck, airplane, all-terrain vehicle, recreation vehicle, motorcycle or any modified configuration thereof which:

  1. Is physically wrecked or disabled;
  2. In the case of a motor vehicle is not capable of operating under its own power or, in the case of a trailer, incapable of being towed in the manner a trailer is normally towed; or
  3. Does not have attached number plates for the current year pursuant to the regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act R.S.B.C., 1996 c. 318, as amended, from time to time.

“grass” means vegetation consisting of typically short plants with long, narrow leaves, cultivated for lawns, meadows or fields.

This bylaw amendment is effective October 28, 2019.

For more information or clarification regarding the Good Neighbour Bylaw #4980, please visit https://www.vernon.ca/government-services/bylaws/good-neighbour-bylaw-4980 or call the Bylaw Compliance office at 250-550-3505.