Residential waste collection service update: Space carts an arm’s length apart


Vernon’s new residential waste collection service continues into its first week.

As residents adjust to the new service and crews learn new routes and equipment, some neighbourhoods have experienced delays in collection.

“We would like to thank all residents for jumping in and taking part in our new curbside organics and garbage collection program,” said Ian Adkins, Manager, Roads, Drainage and Airport. “It has been so good to see rows of organics carts lined up, as we work together to divert waste from the landfill and move towards more sustainable waste management solutions.”

He continued, “Every new program is going to experience growing pains and we have had some hiccups this first week, but the City is working closely with its service provider, Emterra Environmental, and together we’re taking steps to get back on track and become more efficient with the new program. Additionally, there are some simple steps residents can take to help us with collection.”

Here’s what’s happening now:

  • Additional collection vehicles have been brought in temporarily to finish all zone pickups.
  • Emterra will extend its operations into Saturday this week, if necessary, to ensure all zones get their scheduled collection (i.e., garbage and organics, or organics only).
  • Residents are asked to continue following the collection calendar in their Curbside Waste Collection Guide. If your waste is not picked up on your scheduled day, please leave the cart(s) curbside so crews can return to the area and finish that zone.

To assist crews, residents are reminded to place carts at the curb as shown in the printed guide, giving at least one metre of distance (i.e., arm’s length) from all other objects, including other carts placed at the curb.

“We’re finding that drivers are having to exit collection vehicles to adjust carts in order for the automated arm to pick up and dump the waste,” said Adkins. “By making sure your carts are properly distanced from other objects, we can help keep collection times on schedule.”  

Some residents have also reported experiencing unscheduled garbage collection. We apologize for this error and where it may have caused confusion. Residents should continue to follow the new garbage collection schedule that’s printed in their guide.

As a friendly reminder, household organics (kitchen and yard waste) will now be collected every week, and household garbage will be collected every second week.  

The City greatly appreciates everyone’s participation, patience, and understanding as we continue working through the launch of this new service.

For more information on the City’s new waste collection service and the organics program, please visit the City’s website at you have further questions, please contact Emterra Environmental’s customer care team at 1-888-609-2645 or by email at

Below is an example of how to place the carts at the curb.