Ready, set, go! Vernon’s residential organics collection program starts next week


Vernon’s new residential curbside organics collection program is ready to begin next week. Crews are delivering the last of the green-topped collection carts to residences today, just in time for the new waste collection service to start.

On Monday, Emterra Environmental will be starting its new contract with the City, collecting garbage and organics for all residences that receive automated curbside service. That means residents can begin placing organics material in your new carts, such as kitchen and yard waste.

Residents are reminded that organics will be collected every week, and garbage will be collected every second week. For example:

  • On Monday (May 2), North Vernon and the Blue Jay subdivision will receive garbage and organics collection, while the Foothills will receive organics collection only.
  • On May 9, the Foothills will receive garbage and organics collection, while North Vernon and the Blue Jay subdivision will receive organics collection only. 

“When you see the truck roll through your neighbourhood, you may notice that the same vehicle picks up both the organics cart and the garbage cart on your garbage collection day,” said Ian Adkins, Manager of Roads, Drainage and Airport. “This is because the truck has a split bin system, which means the garbage material and organics material are kept in two separate bins within the vehicle. The split bin system allows us to provide two types of waste collection service for customers – and drop that material off at two different places for processing – without increasing the number of vehicles we put on the road.”

To confirm your waste collection day of the week, and your new garbage collection schedule, please review the Curbside Waste Collection Guide that was placed inside your organics cart at time of delivery. A more detailed version of the map is available at

Some helpful reminders:

  • A list of acceptable compostable materials can be found in the Waste Collection Guide.
  • Cart lids must be completely closed for pickup.
  • Keep wildlife away by setting your organics cart at the curb just before 7 a.m. on collection day and ensure the lid is completely closed.
  • Small amounts of cardboard or paper can be composted (particularly if used to line the cart, wrap organics material, or if soiled from food), but larger amounts of cardboard or paper should be placed in your blue recycling bin for collection, to be used to make other usable products.
  • If using a bag in your organics cart, it must be 100% BPI-certified compostable. (Look for the BPI symbol)
  • Materials such as pet waste, diapers, and hygiene products are not compostable and must be placed in the garbage.
  • Garbage carts set out on the incorrect day of the week, or the incorrect week, will not be collected.

If you’re looking for more information on Vernon’s new residential waste collection service, you can visit the City’s website at, or you can email the Emterra customer care team at