New video explains snow clearing services and priorities in Vernon

January 11, 2021

The City of Vernon has released a new video to help answer commonly asked questions about snow clearing services and priorities in Vernon.

The video provides viewers with information on who is responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks, how the City prioritizes snow clearing on local roads, and how long it may take for crews to reach all parts of the City after a snow event has taken place.

“During the winter season, the City receives many inquiries from members of the public about snow clearing and storage, particularly regarding sidewalk maintenance and priority routes,” said Ian Adkins, Acting Manager, Roads, Drainage & Airport. “We hope this video will answer a lot of those questions proactively, and help residents and businesses become more familiar with snow maintenance services and responsibilities in Vernon.”

The task of clearing and storing snow is a big job, so to help residents make the most of their efforts when clearing sidewalks and driveways at their own properties, the video also offers recommendations for the winter season, including how to reduce travel hazards and windrows, how to help maintain wider travel lanes, and how to increase visibility in residential areas.

The video, created in collaboration with Sproing Creative – a locally owned creative agency – will be used as an information and educational tool on the City’s website and social media channels, and can be viewed here.

For more information on snow and ice clearing, and winter road maintenance in the City of Vernon, please visit