New carts arrive as City gets ready to launch new organics program in May


Vernon is one step closer to launching its new residential curbside organics collection program. Earlier today, Mayor Victor Cumming helped kick off the delivery campaign of the organics collection carts.

This marks the start of a four-week period, during which the new carts with green lids will be dropped off at Vernon households that receive curbside garbage collection.

“We’re excited,” said Mayor Cumming. “Everything is on track to launch this new service in the first week of May. Collecting organics from the residential sector and diverting them from the landfill adds to the list of achievements our community is making as part of our Climate Action Plan implementation.”

Mary Stockdale, who is the co-chair of Vernon’s Climate Action Advisory Committee, says the Climate Action Plan is the City’s guide to a healthier community.

“By giving Vernon residents the tools they need to take this next step in our action plan, we move closer to our goal of contributing to a better climate for our children and our grandchildren,” Stockdale said. “It’s all about working together as a community for a greater good.”

The Province of British Columbia has generously supported this new program through its CleanBC – Organics Infrastructure and Collection Program, by funding up to 66% of the $1.4 million project to launch the new service in Vernon. In December 2021, the Province announced the City of Vernon was the recipient of a grant totaling $936,720.

“We all want to do our part to reduce our waste and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Harwinder Sandhu, MLA for Vernon-Monashee. “And one of the opportunities we have to do that is by composting. I’m so grateful to the City of Vernon for taking on this project and helping everyone in our community do their part to fight climate change.”

While many residents have already expressed excitement for the new program, Mayor Cumming cautioned residents to wait until the first week of May before setting their organics carts at the curb.

“When you receive your cart, look inside right away to find a Curbside Waste Collection Guide. Waste collection routes and schedules will be changing, so it’s important for you to read the guide carefully to know when to place your carts at the curb, and how you can keep them well maintained. We’re getting the carts delivered now to be ready for the May start of the new program,” he emphasized.

As of May 1, the City’s waste collection contract transitions to Emterra Environmental Group, who will collect residential organics (i.e., kitchen and yard waste) every week and residential garbage every other week.

“Emterra has long been a proponent of recovering resources from our waste to contribute to a more sustainable future,” said Emterra’s Vice President of Collection Operations in BC, Nevil Davies. “We are excited to be on the team that is helping Vernon residents make the organics collection program a success from the start.”

More information will be shared over the coming weeks about the residential organics and garbage collection programs. Residents are encouraged to stay tuned to the City’s website and social media channels as we prepare for this exciting new service.