Highlands of East Hill Development

August 8, 2019

Highlands of East Hill Development

In response to numerous media and public inquiries about the status of the Highlands of East Hill Development, the City is issuing this statement to clarify the City’s understanding of the situation.

The development is proposed to be built on the site of the former McMechan Water Reservoir.  The development lands are currently owned by the City.  The City has a contract to sell the lands to Vernon Reservoir Developments Limited.  The City and Vernon Reservoir Developments Limited have a disagreement over the interpretation of the contract.     

As with all other developers, the City has full intention to treat Vernon Reservoir Developments Limited fairly and equitably, within the scope of the City’s legislative authority.    

The development lands have been rezoned and the development permit (conditional on purchase of the lands) for phases 1-6 and phase 8 of the project has been issued.  The City has advised Vernon Reservoir Developments Limited on all applicable processes once the sale has completed, and has discussed with Vernon Reservoir Developments Limited the means to address construction and permit processes in an expeditious manner. 

The City has also advised Vernon Reservoir Developments Limited that the City is ready and willing to complete the sale of the development lands, and has delivered to Vernon Reservoir Developments Limited’s lawyers (in trust) the documents necessary to do so.  

If you have any questions, please direct all inquiries to Sandy Dunn, Executive Assistant sdunn@vernon.ca 250-550-3519.