COVID-19 update: Downtown pedestrian crossings automated to reduce touch points


The City of Vernon is making changes to downtown traffic signals as part of its response to COVID-19, in order to reduce high touch points in the community.

Starting today (March 30), pedestrian 'walk' phases at intersections located on 30Avenue, 32 Avenue, and 35 Avenue will happen automatically with no need to press a button. No changes will be made to traffic signals on Highway 97 (32 Street), so pedestrians will need to continue to press the button in order to cross the highway.

Locations with particularly loud audible walk announcements will have the audible announcement switched off at night so residents are not disrupted overnight. This includes the intersections of 30 Avenue and 29 Street, 30 Avenue and 34 Street, and 32 Avenue and 33 Street.

It will take some time to implement the changes at each of the identified intersections. It is anticipated this work will be completed by the end of the week.

The City is reviewing other intersections and may implement touchless pedestrian crossings in more locations in the coming weeks.