COVID-19 update: Downtown pedestrian crossing automation changes


The City of Vernon continues to follow the direction and guidelines of B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer in response to the COVID-19 situation, and make operational adjustments as necessary.

This week, the City will be removing automatic pedestrian phases at four intersections along two arterial roadways (25th Avenue / 34th Street, and on 27th Street at 30th Avenue, 32nd Avenue, and 35th Avenue), but will be retaining the feature at six downtown intersections.

In March, the City implemented automatic pedestrian ‘walk’ phases at 10 signalized intersections in Vernon’s downtown. This meant that there was no need for pedestrians to press a button at these intersections to get the ‘walk’ signal. While this removed touch points in the City, it was also feasible due to much lower traffic volumes experienced throughout March and April. Now that BC has entered Phase 2 of the Province’s Restart Plan, (including the reopening of some businesses, schools, playgrounds, and other amenities), traffic volumes have started to increase steadily along these arterial roadways.

The remaining six signalized intersections downtown will continue to operate without pedestrians needing to press a button to get the ‘walk’ signal. The City would like to take this opportunity to remind pedestrians that there is no need to press a crosswalk button at the following six intersections downtown (a map is available below):

  • 30th Avenue and 37th Street (Alexis Park Drive)
  • 30th Avenue and 34th Street
  • 30th Avenue and 30th Street
  • 30th Avenue and 29th Street
  • 32nd Avenue and 33rd Street
  • 32nd Avenue and 30th Street

Signs are posted at these intersections to let pedestrians know they do not need to press a button. Please remember to wait for the walk signal before crossing the street.

The City will provide updates on these intersections as they become available.

Below is a map of the intersections that have automated pedestrian crossing phases.