COVID-19 update: Curbside pick-up locations come to Downtown Vernon


The City of Vernon has installed 12 temporary curbside pick-up locations along 30th Avenue, to provide assistance for pick-up from local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These free, 10-minute curbside pick-up zones are intended for customers of nearby restaurants, retailers, and other businesses to quickly and safely pick up purchases. Those who need to stay longer than the 10 minute time limit should use the two-hour or four-hour parking stalls in the downtown.

“It is very important to support our local businesses right now,” said Mayor Victor Cumming. “Curbside pick-up locations make it easier and more convenient to shop downtown, and are a common-sense way for us to help. We’re looking to our community members to use these spaces as they’re intended for short term stops, while continuing to stay local, shop local and support local.”

Curbside pick-up zones are marked by signs and their parking metres have been bagged. The exact locations can be found on the City’s interactive map.

Curbside pick-up locations will be in place until February 27, 2021, although the exact locations may be adjusted as conditions change. Requests for additional curbside pick-up locations on other streets should be emailed to For more information about how the City is responding to COVID-19, visit

Below is an example of the 10-minute curbside pick-up location signs.