Cottonwood trees being removed from Kin Beach Park


The City of Vernon will be removing select cottonwood (Populus) trees from the Kin Beach area this week as part of an ongoing maintenance project.

Starting today (Monday), a total of six cottonwood trees will be removed. These trees are considered past their life expectancy and are becoming hazardous. Cottonwood trees have less stability than other mature trees and this could lead to branches falling during major storms or strong winds. Over the last five years the City has removed some cottonwood trees on an annual basis.

“To make sure we still have beautiful trees in our park, the Parks Department has planted other varieties of trees throughout the park as succession trees,” said Kendra Kryszak, Manager, Parks and Public Spaces.

There are numerous hazards/risks in construction zones and the City is requesting that members of the public respect this construction zone at Kin Beach and stay away from the area.  The work is anticipated to be complete by Friday, October 1.