Controlled burn project underway in Harbour Heights area

June 26, 2020

Vernon Fire Rescue Services (VFRS) would like to advise residents of a controlled burn project that is currently underway in the Harbour Heights area. This work is being completed by a qualified private contractor, and has been permitted by the Ministry of Environment to help manage wildland fuels and reduce future wildfire risks.

“Recently, we’ve received several calls from concerned citizens about smoke and potential fire in the Harbour Heights area,” said Fire Chief David Lind. “We’re glad to see so many residents are keeping a close eye on the area and making a report if they think it may be wildfire related. We can confirm this work is being done in a safe, controlled and responsible manner, and we have a high level of confidence in the contractor doing the project.”

The burning is taking place on land adjacent to the City of Vernon boundary, so although Vernon Fire Rescue is not directly involved in the project, they have visited the site and are in regular and close contact with those doing the work.

“Controlled burning like this is essential to managing our landscapes to prevent more serious wildfires during high risk periods,” said Chief Lind.

VFRS has been advised that when the burning is completed for the day, the contractor extinguishes the fires prior to leaving the site. Further, the contractor estimates approximately one more day of burning is required, when weather and site conditions are favourable.