Commonage Place Fire Update

August 29, 2019

On August 22, 2019 Vernon Fire Rescue Services (VFRS) responded to a report of a fire in a yard. The fire spread to some tall cedar trees close to the home and then quickly into the attic space of the home. When the first fire engine and crew arrived on-scene, approximately seven (7) minutes after the 911 call was placed, the fire was already burning through the roof of 3755 Commonage Place and was extending to 3759 Commonage Place. The firefighters were able to prevent the spread of fire to 3759 Commonage Place with minimal exterior damage to the home.

On arrival VFRS was informed that there was no one home. It was later discovered that a mother and child had evacuated 3755 Commonage Place after discovering the fire. During a search of the home a cat was found alert and responsive, it was taken to a vet for assessment and care.

Fire investigators have confirmed that the fire started in the yard and spread to the tall cedar trees and from there to the attic of 3755. The heat from the burning cedars and the attic fire caused the melting of the vinyl siding of 3759 Commonage Place. The cause of the fire is undetermined and foul play is not suspected.

“There is a lot to be grateful for with this incident. The actions of a Good Samaritan significantly reduced the risk to the occupants when she assisted them to evacuate. The quick actions of the firefighters stopped the spread of the fire to the neighbouring home, recovered a family pet and salvaged important family possessions.” – Chief Lind

“There is also an important lesson here for all of us to pay attention to. The plants and materials around our homes can enable a fire to spread into the home. The good news is that we can, quite often, do something easy and inexpensive to reduce the risk of this fire spread. We can FireSmart our homes and our yards.” – Chief Lind

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