City’s LED streetlight conversion cuts energy consumption and costs


The City of Vernon has recently completed a major energy and cost savings project through the conversion of nearly 1,200 streetlights from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) to Light Emitting Diode (LED). Council approved the change over in October 2019, and last month the conversion project was finished.

“LED streetlighting has made significant advancements in recent years,” said Ian Adkins, Manager, Roads, Drainage and Airport. “This has allowed us to select a light fixture that provides a warm colour of light that is closer to the traditional HPS light, while still meeting the desired efficiency.”

It’s estimated the project will lead to a 78% reduction in energy consumption, as well as an annual savings of approximately $68,000 related to BC Hydro utility fees. Additionally, LED streetlights require less maintenance than traditional HPS streetlights, resulting in even further annual savings of approximately $22,000.

LED fixtures have a life-span that is about five times longer than HPS. The estimated return on investment for the project is approximately five years.