City seeks legal action to shut down long-standing party house


The City of Vernon is seeking legal action through a Statutory Injunction to address an ongoing ‘party house’ that has caused significant issues for neighbouring residents since 2019. The residence in question is being used as a Short-Term Rental (STR) property and the owners of the home do not reside on site. 

Despite receiving multiple warnings and violation tickets for nuisance, noise complaints and unlawful land use, the owners of the property have continued to rent the house out to various guests who have used the property to hold large, loud gatherings that have been disruptive to the neighbourhood on a regular basis, often late into the night.

“Let me be clear, the issues we are facing with this property are not the norm in our community. Most guests who are using Short-Term Rentals in Vernon are respectful of those around them with very few issues arising,” said Mayor Victor Cumming. 

“However, the ongoing activity at this one property – by numerous renters and visitors – has been extremely disappointing. Myself and Council fully appreciate that the neighbouring residents have been frustrated about this property for a long time. Seeking a court injunction to cease the STR operation was not a decision made lightly, but it was time we put our foot down to stop this unacceptable behaviour.”

Since 2019, Bylaw Compliance Officers have attended more than 50 complaints to the property and have written more than 25 violation tickets. This is in stark contrast to the four or five complaints received about the next most-reported STR property in town, within the same time frame. Council deemed the injunction a necessary step to address the blatant disregard for the neighbourhood and to reinforce the City’s expectation that property owners abide by local bylaws.

Over the last year, City staff have been developing STR regulation policy recommendations for Council’s consideration. The work is ongoing and there are many considerations going in to the recommendations, accounting for the needs and desires the City has heard from residents, property owners, local business operators, and visitors. Once completed, the policy will provide a framework for everyone to understand the local expectations of these activities in residential neighbourhoods, and to provide appropriate tools for regulation enforcement.

“Vernon is proud to be a family-oriented community where people choose to live, work, explore and play,” said Mayor Cumming. “The City aims to foster an environment where residents feel safe and comfortable at home, being part of a community where citizens and visitors show respect and kind regard for one another. And that is the norm in our great community.”

The City of Vernon is pleased to welcome tourists and visitors to our region which boasts world class four-season outdoor activities, exceptional dining options, and exciting attractions for all ages. The City thanks everyone who comes to Vernon to enjoy their time and find adventure, peace, and relaxation, while also respecting the neighbourhoods they visit and those who call our community “home.” 

No further information will be provided on the property in question as the matter is now before the Court.