City crews respond to pothole reports, motorists reminded to drive with care

January 24, 2020
Public Notice

City of Vernon road crews are diligently working through their winter road maintenance program. The last few days have been focused on clearing snow and slush from residential streets and now crews are removing snow in a few areas that need help to improve drainage.

“Most of the compact snow we saw on the road has melted,” said Christy Poirier, manager of Communications and Grants. “This means motorists are now navigating potholes that have formed due to big swings in temperature and heavy snow and rain. Today, our crews are canvassing the city and making repairs.”

The City is able to repair potholes throughout winter, so long as Mother Nature cooperates.

“In order for a pothole repair to work, we need to remove the water within the hole. This helps ensure the repair mix bonds with the original road material,” said Chris Ovens, manager of Roads, Drainage and Airport. “At this time of year we are dealing with a lot of runoff and precipitation, which does makes the process a little more difficult.”

During winter, crews primarily use a universal patching mixture to repair damaged roads but the ideal solution is to use a hot mix method that includes recycled asphalt.

“The hot mix method requires warmer and dryer conditions,” said Ovens. “We prefer this method but it’s not always possible in winter.”

Environment Canada is calling for snow or rain until the middle of next week but the City is encouraging residents to report problem areas and crews will make repairs when possible.

Motorists are encouraged to continue driving with care on these winter roads, and to report potholes to the Public Works department through the City's website,

As a reminder, 32nd Street (Highway 97) and Highway 6 are under the jurisdiction of the Province and are maintained by its contractor, AIM Roads. Potholes on these two roads can be reported through AIM’s website,