City crews respond to major snowfall in Vernon

December 21, 2020

City crews are busy clearing roads and pathways across Vernon as heavy snowfall hits the North Okanagan.

At 4:15 a.m. today (December 21), Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for the North Okanagan, including Vernon, with snowfall amounts totaling 10 to 20 cm throughout the day. The City’s full fleet of snow clearing equipment has been activated and operators have started clearing roads on a priority basis, as identified in the City’s Snow and Ice Control Policy.

  • Priority 1 Roads - arterials, collectors, bus routes, school zones and selected problem areas
  • Priority 2 Roads - all remaining roads except lanes and cul-de-sacs
  • Priority 3 Roads - lanes and cul-de-sacs

“Depending on the length and scope of the snow event, it could take up to 72 hours for crews to reach all parts of the City, once the snow has stopped falling,” said Christy Poirier, Manager, Communications & Grants. “If the snow continues to fall, crews may need to return to priority 1 roads, in order to keep traffic moving through town.”

If you must travel today, please slow down, give yourself more time to reach your destination, and drive to road conditions. If you come across a motor vehicle incident and emergency responders are on scene or people are outside of their vehicles, remember to slow down and provide enough room while passing to keep yourself and everyone else in the area safe.

Citizens are reminded that clearing sidewalks of snow and ice that are adjacent to residential and commercial properties is the responsibility of the resident or tenant. It’s important these areas are kept clear for the safety and accessibility of everyone who uses them.

When shoveling sidewalks and driveways, please do not pile snow on travel lanes, storm drains, fire hydrants or bus pickup/drop-off areas, as these create issues for travel and safety concerns for the community.

For more information on the City’s snow and ice program, please visit: For highway updates, visit