Activate your Voice - City launches engagement on Climate Action Plan

March 4, 2021

At its Regular Meeting of December 14, 2020, City Council considered the draft Climate Action Plan. The plan was endorsed in principal and supported for the purpose of community engagement.

“This plan is our collective guide for local climate action. It has been two years in the making and I want to thank everyone who participated in its development.” said Mayor Victor Cumming. “By adopting this plan, we can get going systemically on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, protecting our infrastructure, and positioning ourselves to thrive during the current and future significant climate changes.”

This plan is both practical and aspirational and reflects many community conversations, the knowledge of the Climate Action Advisory Committee and the input of experts. The Climate Action Plan sets targets that reflect the urgency of climate action and includes steps that not only help Vernon reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and get ready for the impacts that climate change brings, but also result in immediate benefits for our residents.

The beginning of the Climate Action Plan is an introduction to the project and explains how addressing climate change will build a stronger, prepared and connected community. It outlines the process to tackle Climate Change and be easy to read and inspiring. The second part of the plan is detailed information on the planning process, the history and background, as well as the full table of implementation actions and the background studies.

The plan acknowledges that every member of Vernon has a role to play and throughout the plan are actions for individuals and organizations throughout the community. 

The City has developed online materials and a short survey to collect feedback. The engagement period will be open until March 24, 2021. In addition to the online opportunity for input, the Climate Action Advisory Committee and City staff are meeting with community groups to provide a zoom presentation on the Climate Action Plan. To schedule one of these presentations, please contact the City at

After the opportunity for engagement is complete, the City will review the feedback and adjust the plan, as necessary, before bringing a final version to Council for consideration.

To view the draft plan go to For more information, or if you have questions, on the Climate Action Plan, contact Laurie Cordell, Manager Long Range Planning and Sustainability at