New video highlights the importance of stormwater management to Vernon

October 26, 2020

The City of Vernon has released a new video to discuss the importance of stormwater management and highlight some of the initiatives occurring across Vernon and the North Okanagan.

Stormwater is the name given to rain and melted snow when it flows along the ground,” said Kirn Dhillon, Manager, Infrastructure. “The water usually flows through a system of pipes and culverts before making its way into streams and eventually into our lakes. As our community grows and the climate continues to change, stormwater management has become one of Vernon’s key areas of focus when planning for growth while also protecting the natural environment as we navigate the impacts of climate change.

The video, created in collaboration with Vernon-based Sproing Creative, explains why stormwater management is important, how the City of Vernon has worked with regional partners to better understand how water flows through our region, and what the City is doing to continue planning for future development activities.

“A lot is happening around stormwater management in Vernon,” said Dhillon. “What’s really exciting though is that all of us can help manage stormwater together to help protect the environment and our community as a whole.”

At home, we can use rainwater collection barrels to water our gardens, channel drainage into landscaping, and reduce hard surfaces so less water flows over land and into the City’s storm system. As new developments are planned, the City is focused on making sure they are designed to work with natural drainage paths, and conversations are taking place about what can be done to restore natural drainage paths for existing neighbourhoods.

Residents are encouraged to watch the new video to learn more about stormwater management in Vernon and how we can, together, become more resilient to climate change. To view the video, please visit the City’s website or YouTube page.