City installs new wayfinding signs


The City of Vernon is installing new signs to direct people to key destinations and attractions in the City Centre and downtown. One of the key destinations being signed are public parking areas in the downtown. Four different parking lots will be signed and will promote free weekend parking. Existing signs will be removed.

Developing a new wayfinding signage system and design was identified as a key priority by the Downtown Vernon Association and numerous Council Committees, including Tourism, Transportation and Accessibility. Council approved moving forward with two phases of the project this year. The next phases will include expanding the signs beyond the City Centre and designing and installing cycling and pedestrian level signage.

The new signs have a modern design and use colours that match the Vernon brand. They are designed to be colourful and playful and some signs will include rendered art posters on the back of favourite Vernon-based activities that reflect the new City brand, “Activate Life”.

“You first want to help people get to destinations or parking areas by either a motor vehicle or self-propelled, like biking or skateboard,” said Cleo Corbett, Long Range Planner and project coordinator. “You then want to help them get around on foot. It has been really fun working with Council, Council Committees, the Downtown Vernon Association and our consultants to come up with a design and wayfinding system that is up-to-date and aims to reflect Vernon’s character, identity and opportunity.”