Camps & After School

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Sign In/Out

Your child must be signed in and out of camp each day by a parent or approved adult. This is done for safety, but also for staff to be able to communicate with you. There are occasions for children over age that we will make exceptions with written approval from a parent. Please speak directly with the Recreation Programmer responsible for the Camp.

Camp Information Form

This is an incredibly important tool for our staff. It provides information to our staff so they can safely and effectively run the camps. There are often occasions when we need to call home – usually for a missing lunch, swimsuit, etc. but there are times when we may have an emergency situation. This document aids us in dealing with these situations quickly and efficiently. We know they take time to fill out, but by taking that time you are giving us the tools to respond quickly to any situation.

What should I bring?

Each camp will have some specific items that will need to be packed but generally most camps require the following:

  • Running shoes (good walking shoes – NO sandals or flip flops )
  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Rain jacket and a change of clothes
  • Lunch and lots of snacks (please no peanuts or other nut products)
  • At least one full water bottle (two is better).
  • Bathing suit and towel, goggles are optional  (camps that go swimming or the water park)
  • Medications as required

Items NOT PERMTED – unless otherwise requested:

  • Any and all electronics (phones, cameras)
  • Any items of monetary or sentimental value
  • Money (some camps do request this, but only on specific days)
  • Junk Food

**These are all items that can be easily lost or become ‘treasure’ to another person. We like to avoid the heart ache that goes along with a missing item. It is best if they are kept at home. Staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Camps FAQ’s

Please read below for some common questions we hear. If there is something we have not covered here we want to hear from you. Email us at and let us know your question(s)!

What time does my child’s camp start?

For the most part most camps start at 8:30 a.m. Please be sure to check your specific camp for this information as some do start later.

What is the earliest I can sign my child into camp?

The ideal time to sign in your child is no earlier than 10 minutes before the camp starts. Staff are often schedule to start just before the camp and need a few minutes to get the day organized.

What time should I pick up my child?

Please make sure to pick your child up by the stated end of camp time. Our staff work a very long day and it is much appreciated if they can leave work on time.

I need to pick my child up in the middle of the day. Who should I speak with?

Within reason, most times we can accommodate this. Please speak directly with the camp staff to arrange a pick up time and location. For camps that go out on field trips or leave the city limits, please give us as much notice as possible. There may be times when we can not accommodate an early pick up.

I am stuck in traffic, I know I am going to be late picking up my child. What should I do?

We understand that emergency situations can occur. We ask that you contact the Recreation Centre and let us know who your child is, what camp they are in so that we can let the staff and your child know. Again, out of respect for staff, we ask that you arrive by the scheduled camp end time.

My childs friend is in the same camp. Can their parents pick up my daughter?

You bet! Just as long as you indicate who they are on our Camp Information Form. We only release children to those on the safe pick up list.

My child woke up sick; what should I do? My child will be missing one day of camp, do you need to know?

Please inform the camp staff as soon as you know when your child will not be attending. If it is the morning of a camp, please contact the Recreation Services (be sure to include your child’s name and the camp he/she is in). With many of our camps we head out on out-trips and rely on transit. We need to follow a schedule and, if we are waiting at the Recreation Centre for your child you may miss out on an activity.

My child has an allergy. To whom should I speak?

We always need to know this information, especially with camps that involve food or prolonged outdoor activity. Please speak directly with the Recreation Programmer responsible for the camp to discuss this further.

My child is going to be away for one day; can I send a friend of his instead?

We are unable to accommodate this request. Quite often our camps have wait lists and it is unfair to allow someone in ahead of a child waiting to register.

We would like to drop in for a day or two here and there. Can we do this?

Our camps are set up on a week long schedule. The first day of the camp is important for staff and kids to get to know one another. Unless it specifies, most camps do not accept drop ins. We may accept a mid-week registration if there is space, but that would be to the discretion of the Recreation Programmer and Camp Staff.

An emergency has come up and we need to cancel at the last minute; will we get a refund?

Our refund policy states that we need to be notified three business (Mon-Fri) days in advance of the camp start date. No refunds will be given if notification is less than three business days except where circumstances are beyond an individual’s control. When possible, we do try to find a suitable replacement camp for your child.