Tagging and Unsolicited Graffiti

Tagging and unsolicited graffiti is a criminal code offense and costs taxpayers thousands of dollars annually in clean-up costs and repairs.  The hidden costs are immeasurable.
 City works crews have to use whatever means possible to clean a variety of surfaces that vary in complexity depending upon what the vandal used and how delicate the surface. 
This expense will be passed on to the taxpayer.
taggingMerchants are forced to deal with the vandalism by either hiring someone to clean the mess or do it themselves, purchasing the supplies and potentially having to close temporarily as they clean up their premises. The business owner must recoup the costs of cleaning up the vandal's work. The expense will be passed on to their customers. Now tagging and unwanted graffiti begins to affect the everyday consumer.
Areas that have allowed tags and unwanted graffiti to accumulate visibly deteriorate. People who use to the area begin to avoid it because they feel unsafe. Now tagging and unwanted graffiti begins to affect quality of life in our community.
Tagging and unsolicited graffiti is a crime. It is a chargeable Criminal Code offence 
under Section 430ccc(1) (a) - Mischief Under $5000.00
What do you do when you've been hit by a tag/graffiti vandal?
1. DOCUMENT the Vandalism 
3. REMOVE the Vandalism
How do I get unwanted graffiti and tagging off?

It's important to remove Tagging or unsolicited Graffiti within 24hrs. By removing the vandalism a clear message is sent to the vandal that someone owns the property and cares about its appearance.

Before removing the tag/graffiti vandalism consider:
1. What was used to do the tag or graffiti vandalism?
2. What kind of surface is it on? I.e.: metal brick, stucco, cement?
3. How long has the surface been vandalized?
4. How big an area has been vandalized?
All of these considerations can factor in to how vandalism is removed. Depending on the surface, an alternative to painting may be to use a commercially available chemical graffiti remover. On brick, painting may not be desirable and chemical may not work, power washing or soda or sand blasting may be an option. On a large surface area a professional contractor may be required. However, especially in the hot Okanagan sun the longer the tag or graffiti vandalism is up, the more difficult the removal.
Whatever the process it is critical to track all cost to ensure that once the vandals are caught there is an opportunity for restitution. Graffiti & Tag Vandalism cost tracking form

Graffiti tagging Paint over

How Can I Deter Tagging & Graffiti Vandalism?
There are a few options that are available to deter the occurrence of tagging & graffiti vandalism:
Remove an incident quickly.
Use graffiti resistant paint.
Murals are effective deterrents.
Use dark paint colours as they provide poor backgrounds.
Textured walls make poor canvasses but do not effectively deter tagging.
Make sure your property is appropriately lit and well maintained.
Use clinging vines as part of your landscaping.
Install motion sensor lights.
Install security cameras.
Limit access to roofs.
To be successful in reducing the instances of tagging or unwanted graffiti vandalism requires the entire community’s participation. The key is to work together, to educate, and eradicate tag/graffiti vandalism by adopting a zero tolerance stance.tagging