Deer Park Renewal

Funded by
1.9% Levy, DCC's
Project State

This project consists of renewal and improvements at Deer Park (Canadian Lakeview Estates). 
This project includes, restoring of the walkways, renewal of a tennis / Pickleball court and the installation of play equipment as well as site improvements.  At the Regular Meeting of Council on May 23, 2023, Council authorized increasing the project budget for Deer Park (Canadian Lakeview Estates) to facilitate the construction of Option 2. For further information refer to the May 23, 2023 Council Report. Construction will commence in August 2023 and is scheduled to be completed in October 2023.

Deer Park
Company Contact

Luke Viljakainen, P.Eng
Project Engineer
Office: 807.627.4376

City Contact(s)

Jeff Reeves, AScT
Senior Project Manager
Office: 250.550.3269