26th Street Resident Exempt Parking Area

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The City will be implementing a Resident Exempt Parking Area (REPA) on 26th Street and some adjacent side-streets in Fall 2021. A REPA is an on-street parking program that is intended to improve parking opportunities for residents, while balancing the needs of all users.


26th Street experiences parking congestion from commuters, employees, and visitors of nearby businesses. Therefore, residents of 26th Street approached the City of Vernon to request that a REPA be implemented. In October 2020, the City completed a parking assessment and a survey of residents, at which time it was determined that the observed parking congestion and level of resident support warranted a REPA.

What is a REPA?

A REPA would allow permit holders (e.g. residents, adjacent businesses) to park on-street longer than posted time limits. Non-permit holders parked longer than the time limits may be subject to a fine. New parking signs to be installed would include: 

  • A time limit (2 or 4 hours)
  • The restricted days/hours (e.g. 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday); and,
  • Would say "Except Permit Holders"

Motorists with or without a permit could park longer than the time limits outside of the restricted days/hours.

Project details

To fully implement this program, the City will:

  1. Finalize the parking layout design.
  2. Design and implement a parking permit process to launch in Fall 2021.
  3. Install REPA signage in Fall 2021

Implementation of the REPA is planned by Fall 2021.

26th Street Resident Exempt Parking Area
City Contact(s)

Ellen Croy
Transportation Planner
Community Services Building
250-550-3676, ecroy@vernon.ca