Skating Schedule & Rates

Skate Schedules are subject to change.

For the most up to date schedules call our Schedule line at:  250-542-5623

Indoor Skating Rates for the Season:

Adults$5.7010x $51.3020x $96.90
Youth 7-18 years$4.3010x $38.7020x $73.10
Preschool 3-6 years$1.6510x $14.8520x $28.05
Family$13.6510x $122.8520x $232.05
Shinny$5.5510x $49.9520x $94.35
Adults 65+ get 25% off of a public skate (excludes shinny)
Centennial Outdoor Rink

Opening Nov 25, 2017 (weather dependant)

Attention: All youth 17 & under will be required to pre-register for shinny. See FAQs for registration info.
Shinny registration is FREE, but we require pre-registration in order to ensure all participants have parent or guardian permission to participate. A shinny acknowledgment of risk waver is also required.
BEFORE SHINNY STARTS: Parents need to sign their youth up for shinny.  The parent will fill out a waiver form acknowledging the risks associated with shinny hockey and the youth will receive a coloured ID card with their name and barcode number of the shinny age range that they are eligible for.

PV Arena - Shinny Adult Drop-In

Sept 5 - Dec 21, 2017

Tues/Thurs    11:30am-12:45pm
Cancelled: Sept 14 & Dec 26

Please pay $5.70 drop in fee or purchase pass at Recreation Centre front counter.  10x & 20x passes are available. Last day for adult shinny at PV will be March 30.  It will then move to Kal Tire Place for the month of April.  Please check the schedule for Kal Tire Place for days and times.

Kal Tire Place

Daytime Skates pay at the main office upstairs.  Evening skates pay at the lower concession.

Equipment Requirements

Public Skates:
Helmets are mandatory for all youth 10 & under and are recommended for all other skaters.

Shinny Skates at:
Centennial Outdoor Rink - helmets, sticks and gloves are mandatory.
Priest Valley Arena and Kal Tire Place: Full equipment mandatory.

We do not offer skate rentals or sharpening at any of our facilities.

Shinny Registration FAQ's
Players register for the appropriate shinny(s) that
they are eligible to play in (one registration will be
good for the whole season). No fee involved!
#35917Parent & Tot (5 & under) White Card
#35918 6-8 yrs Shinny Blue Card
#35919 9-11 yrs Shinny Brown Card
#35920 12-14 yrs Shinny Purple Card
#35921 15-17 yrs Shinny Orange Card
Id Cards: Each Shinny is colour coded. Once a player has registered, they need to pick up their season pass card(s) from the Front Desk at the Recreation Centre.
At each age appropriate shinny, players need to be able to show their card, to be permitted to play.
Why: For the safety of all players and to ensure only age appropriate players attend each shinny. To help determine attendance numbers for rink use. To ensure that young players have permission from parents to participate in the activity. The cards
allow us to find emergency contact information if required.

WHAT’S REQUIRED AT SHINNY: Each youth must have their ID card on them at all times. If asked to produce it, the youth must do so and if they cannot, they will not be permitted to participate in any shinny until able to do so.
I’VE LOST OR HAD MY CARD STOLEN: If your youth has misplaced or had their card stolen, replacement ID cards can be requested and purchased at the front desk for a cost of $5. The youth may get the replacement card on their own without their parent being present, as long as they have the $5.