Skating Schedule & Rates

Skate Schedules are subject to change.

For the most up to date schedules call our Schedule line at:  250-542-5623

Indoor Skating Rates for the Season:

Adults$5.5510x $49.9520x $94.35
Youth 7-18 years$4.2010x $37.8020x $71.40
Preschool 3-6 years$1.6010x $14.4020x $27.20
Family$13.3010x $119.7020x $226.10
Shinny$5.5510x $49.9520x $94.35
Adults 65+ get 25% off of a public skate (excludes shinny)
Centennial Outdoor Rink

Attention: All youth 17 & under will be required to pre-register for shinny. See FAQs for registration info.
Shinny registration is FREE, but we require pre-registration in order to ensure all participants have parent or guardian permission to participate. A shinny acknowledgment of risk waver is also required.
BEFORE SHINNY STARTS: Parents need to sign their youth up for shinny.  The parent will fill out a waiver form acknowledging the risks associated with shinny hockey and the youth will receive a coloured ID card with their name and barcode number of the shinny age range that they are eligible for.

January 2-March 17