Pool Schedules

Vernon Aquatic Centre

Admission Rates

Pool capacity

With ongoing lifeguard staffing challenges, pool users may experience a wait time to access the pool during busy periods. While we strive to ensure the Vernon Aquatic Centre is available when advertised, decisions to limit capacity are made to ensure the safety of our guests. 

The number of swimmers allowed in a pool at any given time is based on the number of lifeguards available, not the size of the facility. Pool capacity is based on a guest-to-lifeguard ratio established by the Lifesaving Society of Canada.  This ensures that everyone using the facilities is safely supervised.

Please know we are working to improve lifeguard staffing at the Vernon Aquatic Centre both in the short and long-term. We have regular recruitments for new lifeguards as well as offering training courses to increase the number of lifeguards in the region. Learn more about training to become a lifeguard at gvrec.ca/certification_courses or visit vernon.ca/careers for current opportunities.