Goose management

Geese are gathering on beaches and in parks along the Okanagan Valley. Although the birds are usually known to be migratory, Canada Geese are able to adapt to urban environments and take up residence in areas along waterfronts, parks and sports fields. Vernon is not the only community faced with this issue, as geese are thriving in several communities across Canada and the United States, and their typical behaviour is shifting.

The Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program was formed in 1995 to address ways to minimize the impact of geese within an urban environment. Members include representatives from several municipalities, regional districts, and interested stakeholders with a common goal of managing the Okanagan Valley Canada Goose population and to reduce conflict between people and Canada Geese.

Following concerns for public health, the local economy and the natural environment, an Action Plan was developed to help control problems associated with Canada Geese in the Okanagan Valley.

To learn more about the Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program and its Action Plan, please visit the website:

Call: 1-877-943-3209