Official Election Results

Official Election Results October 22, 2018 


Declaration of Official Election Results for Mayor

Declaration of Official Election Results for Council

Preliminary Election Results October 20, 2018

Victor Cumming elected Mayor of Vernon

Preliminary results from ballots cast in advance, special and regular polls in Vernon indicate that Victor Cumming is the new Mayor of the City of Vernon, having received 4,928 votes. Darrin Taylor received 3,608 votes; Erik Olesen received 990 votes; and Art Gourley received 229 votes.

Media Release

The six council positions were filled by:  


  • Brian Quiring         4,120 votes
  • Scott Anderson     4,108 votes
  • Dalvir Nahal          3,891 votes
  • Kari Gares             3,878 votes
  • Akbal Mund           3,626 votes
  • Kelly Fehr              3,512 votes


The other candidates were:

  • Teresa Durning           3,105 votes
  • Dawn Tucker               2,733 votes
  • Jasmine Finlay             2,592 votes
  • Kevin Lepp                   2,289 votes
  • Shawn Lee                   2,221 votes
  • Jamie Morrow             2,101 votes
  • Sherrilee Franks         1,944 votes
  • Gord Leighton            1,801 votes
  • Rick Lavin                    1,467 votes
  • David Deshane           1,287 votes
  • Lily Kerr                       1,061 votes
  • Terry Vulcano             879 votes
  • Don Jefcoat                 821 votes
  • Sam Zaharia                448 votes

The preliminary results are based on the ballot accounts prepared at each voting place and are subject to determination of official election results by the Chief Election Officer, Susan Blakely. These results will be confirmed on Monday, October 22, 2018.

Preliminary results and final results will be posted on the City of Vernon election page at