Composting and Reducing Food Waste

Composting is an effective way to reduce the amount of garbage we send to the landfill. Organics diversion through composting can reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by more than 90% compared to sending the same waste to the landfill.

There are many ways you can reduce waste. The Regional District of North Okanagan provides additional information on:

Residents who do not have an opportunity to home compost are encouraged to deposit their household food-waste in the compost collection bins to reduce organic waste going to the landfill. The following locations will be available to the public weather permitting:

  • City Centre: along 29th Street railroad tracks across from the 33rd Avenue intersection
  • Recreation Centre: on gravel area just north of the 35th Avenue parking lot entrance
  • Operations: on 47th Avenue just east of 20th Street
  • Kin Race Track: south west corner of parking lot off of 43rd Avenue

Residents are encouraged to exercise care when using composting sites, as equipment is not sanitized. Signage will be in place to remind residents of Provincial health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.