Utility, Property Tax eBilling and Business Licence invoices

The City of Vernon offers you a way to have your utility invoices, property tax notices and business licence invoices emailed to you through our eBilling service.

What is eBilling?

eBilling is a new, all-in-one online service that provides our customers with the ability to receive their quarterly utility bills (Water, Sewer, Garbage, and Recycling), annual property tax notice and business licence invoices electronically. It’s easy and all information is protected by private access codes.

Why should I sign up?


  • To obtain your utility bill, property tax notice and business licence invoice fast
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It’s available anywhere, at any time through the City’s Online Services
  • Cost savings: The City sends out approximately 14,000 utility bills per quarter; each invoice costs the City of Vernon approximately $0.88, including postage - that is a cost of $3.53 per year, per account
How can I sign up?


  • Customers can sign up for utility, property tax and business licence eBilling through “MyCity” Online Services, follow link for set-up instructions.  
  • To get started;
    • Utilities: you will need your utility account number and utility access code which can be found on your utility invoice.
    • Property taxes: you will need your property tax folio and property tax access code which can be found on your property tax notice. 
    • Business Licence: You will need your business licence account number and business licence access code which can be found on your business licence invoice.