Residential Recycling

The City of Vernon does not provide curbside recycling collection.  The Residential Recycling Program is maintained by Recycle BC.

Emterra Enviromental collects printed paper and packaging (PPP) from single family residences and select multi-family complexes.  For enquiries please contact Emterra at 250 545-4245 or email

For a complete list of recyclable materials accepted at Recycle BC Depots and your Residential (PPP) Recycling Program, visit

Single Family Residences

Paper and packaging recycling is collected from single family residences. Please visit the Recycle BC website at for more information on the program.

Multi-Family Residences

Multi-family residences with more than four units currently participating in the RDNO Program (not including mobile home parks or strata complexes receiving individual unit curbside service) do NOT automatically receive service through the Recycle BC Program. Multi family residences are responsible to make their own arrangements through a waste services provider.

  1. Emterra Environmental Phone: 250-545-4245 /
  2. Smithrite Disposal Ltd. Phone: 1-800-643-8368 /

Property Managers are free to choose an alternate service provider. Waste collection service providers in the North Okanagan are listed in local phone directories. Multi-family residences who have made arrangements for collection will receive information from their service provider as to the collection method and schedule.

City of Vernon Yard Recycling

The City of Vernon’s Yard Recycling Program is based on a flat rate fee. The City provides yard recycling for the following programs: spring chipping , Christmas tree disposal, and spring and fall leaf removal. The cost is $4.30 per quarter.