Emergency Management Program

The Emergency Program is empowered to meet legislated responsibilities for directing and controlling local coordination of emergency response to, and recovery from, a major emergency event or disaster. The Program is designed to support citizens and emergency response agencies, including RCMP, Fire Rescue Services and BC Ambulance Services during large scale events. For regular emergency work, citizens interact directly with these agencies as their needs dictate.

When the Emergency Program is activated, it supports emergency response agencies with required resources when initially available resources have been depleted and provides relevant and timely public information to keep people safe. In Vernon, this information is shared through the Emergency Alert Notification system and the media. Sign up to receive emergency information directly to your email.

Emergency Alert Notifications

Emergency Management Plan

Every municipality and regional district in the Province of BC is required to have an Emergency Program in place under the BC Emergency Program Act legislation.

While the emergency plan uses an all hazards approach, a hazard, risk and vulnerability analysis was conducted to inform the Emergency Program’s allocation of risk mitigation and preparedness resources. This analysis ranks the relative risk of each hazard against the potential impact to people and property in Vernon with the following hazards ranking the highest:

It is not only governments, but residents, neighbourhoods, service organizations and the business community that are involved in emergencies. Working collaboratively we are able to strengthen our collective resiliency and keep hazards from becoming disasters.

The City of Vernon’s Emergency Program is managed within the Division of Fire Rescue Services. It works with various emergency response agencies, including Vernon’s Emergency Support Services, the public, service organizations, all Divisions of the City, the Provincial and other local governments.

The City has established the Vernon Emergency Program Subcommittee (VEPS), a group of industry, service provider, neighbourhood and government agency representatives to collaborate on Vernon’s collective emergency management capacity.