Tree Program

Tree Programs to Encourage Planting

Trees can enhance the value of your property, provide energy savings through shade and reduce sound and dust for your enjoyment. The City of Vernon is working to promote a healthy, enjoyable and safe community through the following programs to promote the planting of trees.

Benefits of trees on your neighbourhood boulevards:

  • Beautify your neighbourhood and increase property value
  • Provide shade, decrease cooling costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce dust and noise pollution for liveable communities
  • Help slow down stormwater runoff

Residential Tree Program

Interested in planting a new tree in your yard? Receive a $20 voucher toward the purchase of a tree at Swan Lake Nurseryland to plant on your own property! Vouchers are available at the Community Services Building located at 3001 32 Ave, Vernon (the old library building). One voucher per household for Vernon residents while supplies last. The program is active from May 1 to June 19, and from September 1 to October 16, 2016.

Residential Boulevard Tree Program

Interested in street trees in the boulevard in front of your home? Contribute $50 per tree towards the residential boulevard tree program and the City will prepare and plant the tree in the public boulevard, install a watering pick and undertake major works such as pruning as necessary. Conditions apply, a suitable location is required and the resident would be responsible for watering the tree.

How does the program work?

  • Owners contribute $50 towards the purchase of each boulevard tree and the City will subsidize the remaining cost as well as plant the tree and install a watering pick. The City retains ownership of all boulevard trees on City land.
  • Owners are encouraged to submit their interest to the program as a group of neighbours. The number of trees available to individual property owners depends on length of property frontage and suitable conditions for planting.
  • Tree species are chosen from a list of recommended species by area by the City arborist. Residents may submit their preference from the list for the City arborist to consider.
  • City staff will determine the ideal number of trees along a boulevard, or section of it, with consideration given to individual planting sites and conditions.
  • Planting and initial watering on the day of planting will be carried out by the City's Operations Department, as well as major on-going maintenance work such as pruning.
  • Each tree planted will have a watering pick installed by the City at the time of planting to increase the ease and success of watering newly planted trees in the critical first three years.
  • Residents will be responsible for basic ongoing care, including watering and weeding. Participants are committed to provide this care for the tree(s) next to their property as part of this program.
  • Trees will be planted in boulevards in the spring or fall planting seasons.

How to submit your interest to the program:

Owners should email with the following information:

  • Owner's full name
  • Civic Address (intended for the boulevard tree)
  • Contact information (telephone and email)