Heads Up when Walking, Biking, & Driving

The City of Vernon is reminding everyone to take care of each other on our roads as warmer weather arrives and more people are walking and cycling around our community. 

Tips for Everyone

Drivers should keep their heads up for people walking and riding bikes at all times, especially near bike lanes or pathways, downtown, and even more so in low light. Take a moment to check for cyclists before you open your car door, especially on busy downtown streets. 

Wearing bright or reflective clothing while you walk will make you more visible. Don’t forget Fido – reflectors or lights on their collar will help keep your four-legged friends safe. It’s best to walk facing traffic when you are on a street with no sidewalks.

Our multi-use pathways can get busy in the summer months. Whether you are walking, biking, scootering, or skateboarding, be courteous to others and keep to the right except to pass. When you need to pass someone on your bike, scooter, or skateboard, let them know by ringing your bell or saying 'on your left.'

Here are more tips to stay safe no matter how you get around our city: