Major Projects & Plans

In the following excerpt from the Adopted City of Vernon Financial Plan 2017 - 2021, Vernon's Chief Administrative Officer, Will Pearce, outlines Vernon's approach to major projects.

"The fundamental responsibilities of an urban municipality, including the City of Vernon, are relatively straightforward: To provide and maintain a road network, supply clean potable water, take care of solid waste and sewage, and ensure a safe environment for residents and visitors. Caring, modern municipalities reach beyond fundamentals. The City of Vernon is well known and respected for its efforts to provide assistance to those most in need, to encourage and support the provision of accessible housing, to work with our many dedicated agencies to provide key support services, to work with investors and developers to deliver affordable homes in attractive neighbourhoods, to encourage healthy lifestyles through active living, and to welcome new residents to our collective home.

Smart cities look to the future. The City of Vernon has taken a thoughtful approach to wisely reinvest in our publicly owned assets -- our streets, sidewalks, storm and sewer systems, our public buildings, parks and open spaces. The City of Vernon has taken a unique approach to ensure our public infrastructure remains robust, and that we do not burden our children and future generations with deteriorating roads, pipes, treatment systems and what is commonly referred to as hidden infrastructure debt.

Council guides our future through the citizen-driven Official Community Plan, a plan that sets the framework for sound community planning and building a livable and enviable city in a spectacular setting."