Community Infrastructure & Development

The Community Infrastructure and Development Services Division is responsible for managing the way in which Vernon grows and develops. This includes the following:

  • Development applications, including building permits, development permits, subdivisions, rezoning, servicing plans and other aspects of the development process
  • Managing the City’s infrastructure, including reviewing servicing plans for new development, planning for new road and utility projects and ensuring our existing infrastructure is managed sustainably
  • Long range plans and policies, including the Official Community Plan, neighbourhood plans, the Parks Master Plan and other plans that guide development in Vernon
  • Managing Vernon’s transportation network, including roads, cycling routes, pathways and transit
  • Collecting and maintaining data related to development, growth and infrastructure to guide sound decision making
  • Economic development, including the implementation of Vernon’s Economic Development Action Plan, site selection services and promoting Vernon as an attractive place to do business
  • Sustainability initiatives, including incorporating sustainability principles into all aspects of Vernon’s development and growth, as well as specific initiatives and events to building a culture of sustainability in Vernon
  • Promoting Vernon as a tourist destination


  • Building & Licensing
  • Current Planning
  • Economic Development & Tourism
  • Engineering Development Services
  • GIS Services
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Long Range Planning
  • Transportation