VFRS staffs all fire halls while region is at extreme risk of wildfire

August 3, 2017

Vernon City Council has approved a request from Vernon Fire Rescue Services (VFRS) to staff Stations 2 and 3 (Okanagan Landing and Predator Ridge) during the hottest periods of the day during the prolonged high-to-extreme fire conditions in the region. Experienced career firefighters will be paired with members of the Vernon Volunteer Firefighters Association from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day, providing an effective fire response force, ensuring worker safety and controlling costs. All three Vernon fire stations will be staffed during the day for the next five weeks or until fire conditions in the area improve.

Stations 2 and 3 will be staffed with three to four firefighters each as staff availability permits. This risk mitigation strategy will ensure early response to fires throughout the VFRS service area.

The cost of resources at all three stations for five weeks, if necessary, is approximately $79,000.