Street sweeping and pothole repairs underway in Vernon


Warmer weather and melting snow have allowed for a modified spring sweeping program to get underway in Vernon. Crews are out across the City, cleaning main transportation routes until Mother Nature is ready to bring more consistent warm temperatures.

The full-scale spring sweeping program will be taking place in the coming weeks when above zero temperatures are consistent. This is needed for the multi-week sweeping program because water is used for dust control, sweeper operation and flushing.

At this time, street sweepers are out during daytime hours, working on areas of the city where snow has fully melted. However, the forecast is calling for more snow later this week, so City crews are prepared to respond to changing weather and travel conditions as required.

In addition to sweeping, City crews are also repairing potholes that have resulted from the spring freeze/thaw cycles. The City asks motorists to keep an eye out for crews on the road and to slow down and use caution in areas where crews are working.

If residents find a pothole on a City street, they’re encouraged to report it to Public Works here. Potholes on Highway 97 (32nd Street) and Highway 6 are under the jurisdiction of the Province of B.C. and are maintained by its contractor, AIM Roads.