Rock slope stabilization program update

August 21, 2020
Road Update

Work continues on a rock slope stabilization program in Vernon, with three locations in the City:

  • Eastside Road (south of Kokanee Road)
  • Tronson Road (west of Beachcomber Bay Road)
  • Crosby Road rockface

Intermittent road closures are required for public safety on Eastside Road and Tronson Road, as the work includes rock scaling, trim blasting and falling debris.

There is no road closure required for the Crosby Road area.

The Eastside Road work is expected to be completed Monday, August 24. The crew will then begin construction on Tronson Road.

Previously, motorists were advised that 30-minute road closures could be expected. The City would like to advise the public that the work schedule has been amended and the contractor is attempting to limit traffic disruptions and wait times to 20 minutes. Traffic flow will be maintained when it is safe for motorists to pass through the work zone.

Currently, there is no set schedule for the intermittent closures, which allows the contractor to work when ready, adjust standby times and allow for the efficient and safe completion of the project.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience these projects may cause and appreciates everyone’s patience while this work is completed.

Below are maps of the project areas (top map: Eastside Road; bottom map: Tronson Road)