New video explains the features and benefits of MyCity

September 28, 2020

The City of Vernon has released a new video to help citizens learn about the features and benefits of using MyCity: a free, secure, self-serve portal that provides access to their City account information anytime, anywhere.

MyCity is not a new tool, but not everyone knows what a great resource it is for our residents and businesses to find information they need quickly and easily, right when they need it,” said Christy Poirier, Manager, Communications & Grants. “Often times, we find residents need to get a copy of a past utility bill or Property Tax Notice, or they want to complete a Home Owner Grant and aren’t sure where to go. The good news is that all these things can be found in their MyCity account, which takes very little time to set up.”

Other information that can be found on MyCity includes:

  • City account balances and due dates
  • Property assessments
  • Invoices
  • Transaction history
  • Quarterly water usage details
  • Business license renewal details

“Residents can print copies of their past invoices, sign up for utility and property tax e-billing, and also access automatic withdrawal payment forms. It’s a one-stop-shop for so many services,” said Poirier.

The video, created in collaboration with Sproing Creative, provides details on MyCity’s features, as well as information on how to create and update a personal profile. The video can be viewed on the City’s website and YouTube page.