Multi-use facility design contract awarded to MQN Architects

April 28, 2016

The City of Vernon has awarded MQN Architects of Vernon the contract to provide prime consulting services for the design and development management of the second arena at Kal Tire Place. The awarding of the contract follows an exhaustive RFP process to confirm that architectural firms submitting bids would have significant experience designing arenas as well as providing consulting services on arena projects. Four bids were received and evaluated on a point system to ensure that proponents met the high standards set by the City for the contract.

The City emphasized the importance of rigorous scoring and transparency in the bid process, which included three areas to be evaluated: relevant demonstrated experience and team qualifications, understanding project deliverables and cost-control methodology. Proponents needed to achieve a minimum score in order to progress to the final round of evaluation. Two of the four bids advanced to this round. Following a one-hour presentation and question and answer interview, the final two submissions were scored to determine the successful proponent.

“As the original designer of Kal Tire Place and the author of the feasibility study, MQN demonstrated a clear understanding of the project and what was required as the deliverables as listed in the RFP,” said Doug Ross, Director of Recreation Services for the City. “MQN also clearly identified the need to design a building that can be built for the fixed budget price of $13,000,000 and emphasized the role of cost control at each step of the design/build process to ensure that the project will stay on budget.”

Councillor Brian Quiring is part of the management team of MQN. Quiring has removed himself during all Council discussions regarding the twinning of the facility in which he could have a conflict or perceived conflict of interest in the project.

As part of the design phase of the project, MQN will be consulting with the facility’s user groups, stakeholders and members of the public. Work will begin immediately and will include geotechnical testing, environmental impact study, stakeholder consultation, initial design work and a traffic demand study. The target for opening the new facility is the fall of 2018.