Heads-Up when walking, biking and driving

November 2, 2020

This past weekend, we rolled our clocks back to Standard Time. With the time change comes a slight shift in daylight as we travel to and from various places, so the City of Vernon is reminding everyone to take care of each other on our roads as the days get shorter and darker.

“Many people are choosing to walk and ride their bikes to keep active and get around,” said Angela Broadbent, Active Transportation Coordinator for the City of Vernon. “As we head into the winter, there are things we can all do to keep these activities safe and enjoyable.” 

Drivers should keep their heads up for people walking and riding bikes at all times, especially near bike lanes or pathways, downtown, and even more so in low light. Check both ways before you turn across a bike lane or move through an intersection. People may need to walk or bike further from the curb to avoid puddles or debris, so give them extra space when you need to pass them.

Wearing bright or reflective clothing while you walk will make you more visible. And don’t forget Fido – reflectors or lights on your pet’s collar will help keep your four-legged friends safe. It’s best to walk facing traffic when you are on a street with no sidewalks.

Year round cycling means taking extra care. Layer up for changing temperatures and use a strong white headlight and red taillight. Be prepared to choose a quieter route, such as a multi-use path or quiet street, and adjust your speed. Ride at least one metre from the curb to avoid wet leaves or puddles that can make you slip. And studded winter tires can be used for the colder months.

For more information on road safety tips, please visit www.vernon.ca/headsup. You can also visit the Community Safety Office downtown at 3010 31st Avenue.

Photo by Sproing Creative.