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In 2008, Vernon City Council adopted Vernon’s Official Community Plan that includes a comprehensive Transportation Plan. The process included over 100 opportunities for public input and comment to ensure the transparency and openness of the OCP review process.  Several focus groups included businesses, corporations, the non-profit sector and residents.

Vernon residents strongly expressed their demand for alternatives to the private automobile and indicated that transit, pedestrians and cycling were their top priorities for transportation investment.

We are currently implementing the directives of the 2008 Transportation Plan which include  Transportation Demand Management initiatives, plans, projects, programs and events.


What's New

29 and 30 Street Transportation
Upgrade and Utility Replacement

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Road Safety

Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
is the use of policies, programs, services and products to influence whether, why, when, where and how people travel.

    TDM measures motivate people to:

  • shift modes
  • walk, cycle
  • take transit
  • carpool instead of driving
  • make fewer trips
  • elework, shop online or use the telephone
  • drive more efficiently, shop locally, do several things on each trip, and avoid peak
    traffic periods and congested routes

Road Work

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By managing the demand for travel, City of Vernon can reduce the need for costly new or widened roads (approximate cost is $1 million/kilometer), diminish the social costs of car use, and increase the return on their investments in transit, walking, cycling and carpooling facilities.

The keys to the success of TDM are collaboration and communicating with internal and external partnerships within the City of Vernon departments and with businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, schools and community.

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