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Why the Focus on cycling?

During community consultation for various projects in recent years, Vernon residents have consistently expressed a desire to ride bicycles more, but have SAFETY CONCERNS. The City of Vernon has responded by making cycling a high priority in all of its transportation plans.

Benefits of cycling:

  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • No sticker shock at the pump
  • More efficient use of road space
  • Higher levels of fitness and lower levels of stress
  • Safer streets

Heads Up Cyclists! Be Seen, Be Safe!
City of Vernon’s Heads Up campaign is asking drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to keep their heads up as it is a
shared responsibility to prevent collisions. lit! Wear or carry a light at dusk, in low light or poor weather. white, bright, reflective clothing. with care. Make eye contact with drivers and wait until traffic has stopped before you cross. attention. Avoid distractions like listening to music. predictable. Use bike lanes, shoulders and yield to pedestrians on multi-use paths. up at intersections!, look and listen! Look both ways. cycle in crosswalks that have cycle signals or signs with the bike image included.

Cycling in Vernon

The City of Vernon is committed to making cycling easier for residents and visitors by providing an extensive network of cycling routes around the city and by promoting safe and healthy travel.

A big heartfelt thank you to Skyride and Sun Country Cycle shops for sponsoring the printing of Vernon's Community Bike Map. The best routes maps for walking will follow once the downtown way finding project is completed.

Cycling and Safety

  • Maintain your bicycle in good working order.
  • Be as visible as possible to others. Be lit in the day and night.
  • Learn the skills needed to control your bike.
  • Cycle in traffic safely and predictably.
  • Know and obey the rules of the road.

Pathways and Safety  
Tips on how to ride your bicycle safely on pathways shared by pedestrians, rollerbladers and other users.  (Courtesy of City of Kelowna Smart Trips)

How to Not Get Hit by Cars
Information on the different causes of cyclist/motorist collisions and how to avoid them.

Kids and Bicycle Safety
Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, and a great way for kids to feel independent. This guide provides safe riding tips for kids and summarizes the rules of the road.

Cycling Safely in a Roundabout (the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Government of BC)
Roundabouts are becoming more and more common in Vernon. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure,Government of BC website offers a good graphic design as well as video options for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. They describe a roundabout as a circular intersection without stop signs or electronic signals. Traffic flows counter-clockwise around a central island. Roundabouts are growing in popularity across Canada and the U.S.; Roundabouts reduce vehicle speeds through an intersection; and as a result improve safety for all road users - pedestrians; cyclists and motorists.

HUB: Your Cycling Connection
HUB is a non-profit society that works to address cycling issues in the Metro Vancouver area. Their website is a useful resource that provides links to even more information about cycling.

Cycling in Vernon

Cycling regulations

Cycling and Safety

Cycling Projects

Cycling Plans

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