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2015 Bike to Work and School Week Results & Successes





  • LOOP cruisers BIKE RENTALS at Vernon Tourism
  • Bike to Work and School Results
  • Kal Tire wins large team category
  • OVCMT wins medium team category
  • Vernon Vortex wins small team category
    Fabulous Wheels wins mini team category
  • David Blair – Top Solo Rider

2015 Bike to Work and School Results

The May 24 to 30 Bike to Work and School campaign event was successful in increasing the number of participating cyclists despite storms during two major community events, the Community Bike Fest and Wrap-up Barbeque.  A total of 678 riders registered (up 143% from 2014) who logged 2,098 individual trips (up 193%) travelling 14,034 Km saving 3,045 Kg GHG’s. Of those riders, 153 were new to cycling.

Three elementary schools Ecole Beairsto, Ellison and Alexis Park hosted celebration stations. For Bike to School: 198 students cycled 911 round trips, 239 students walked 1,123 round trips and 34 students used a scooter or skateboard for 165 round trips. Ecole Beairsto which took part in 2014 saw an increase in participation of 157%.

We appreciate our generous sponsors, volunteers from Alexis Park, Ecole Beairsto and Ellison elementary schools, Community Policing, the Greater Vernon Cycling Advisory Committee, Brain Trust Canada, the Vernon Lions Club, Vernon Community School, City of Vernon and  RDNO.

2015 Winners

Paige Dallas of Ellison Elementary School wins the Skyride bike and Carmen Perrault, Vernon Jubilee Hospital Team Leader wins the Sun Country Cycle bike.

Ecole Beairsto wins first place in the school category with 146 riders, logged 730 trips, cycled 2,482 Km, saved 538 GHG’s and recruited 77 new cyclists. A special thank you to Fabienne Team Leader, the PAC parents and the `Ecole Beairsto School staff for their support!

Large Employers (100+ employees)

  • Ist: Kal Tire wins first place with 62 riders that logged 135 trips, cycled 712 Km, saved 154 Kg of GHG’s and recruited 10 new cyclists (wins a pizza lunch sponsored by Domino’s Pizza).
  • 2nd: Vernon Jubilee Hospital takes second place with 46 riders that logged 109 trips, cycled 832 Km, saved 180 Kg of GHG’s and recruited four new cyclists.
  • 3rd: Vernon RCMP places third with 12 riders, that logged 37 trips, cycled 414 Km, saved 90 Kg of GHG’s and recruited five new cyclists.

Medium Employers (25-100 workplaces)

  • 1St: Okanagan College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) wins first place with 28 riders that logged 47 trips, cycled 796 Km, saved 173 Kg of GHG’s and recruited one new cyclist (wins Downtown dollars).
  • 2nd: Clarence Fulton Secondary Staff takes second place with 15 riders that logged 66 trips, cycled 655 Km, saved 142 Kg of GHG’s and recruited 9 new cyclists.
  • 3rd: City of Vernon Community Service Building  places third  with 12 riders  that logged 60 trips, cycled 360 Km, saved, 78 Kg of GHG’s and recruited one new cyclist.

Small Employers (11-25 employees)

  • 1st: Vernon Vortex with 14 riders wins first place that logged 45 trips, cycled 534 Km, saved 116 Kg of GHG’s and recruited one new cyclist (wins Downtown Dollars). |
  • 2nd: City of Vernon Rec Centre takes second place with 9 riders that logged 29 trips, cycled 209 Km, saved 45 Kg of GHG’s and recruited three new cyclists.
  • 3rd: City of Vernon, Reclamation Centre places third with 7 riders that logged 46 trips, cycled 256 Km, saved 55 Kg of GHG’s and recruited 3 new cyclists.

Mini Employers (10 or less employees)

  • 1st: Fabulous Wheels wins first place with 6 riders that logged 34 trips, cycled 303 Km and saved 66 Kg of GHG’s (wins OVCMT massage certificates).
  • 2nd: Emmanuel Baptist Church takes second place with  4 riders, logged 33 trips, cycled 201 Km and saved 44 Kg of GHG’s
  • 3rd: Water Survey of Canada places third with  4 riders logged 18 trips, cycled 238 Km, saved 51 Kg of GHG’s and recruited two new cyclists

Top Solo Rider

David Blair wins first place that logged 23 trips, cycled 218 Km and saved 47 Kg of GHG’s (wins an OVCMT massage certificate).

For more information on the 2105 Bike to Work and School campaign please check out the provincial bike to work website.

Heads Up Cyclists! Be Seen, Be Safe!
City of Vernon’s Heads Up campaign is asking drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to keep their heads up as it is a
shared responsibility to prevent collisions. lit! Wear or carry a light at dusk, in low light or poor weather. white, bright, reflective clothing. with care. Make eye contact with drivers and wait until traffic has stopped before you cross. attention. Avoid distractions like listening to music. predictable. Use bike lanes, shoulders and yield to pedestrians on multi-use paths. up at intersections!, look and listen! Look both ways. cycle in crosswalks that have cycle signals or signs with the bike image included.

Cycling in Vernon

The City of Vernon is committed to making cycling easier for residents and visitors by providing an extensive network of cycling routes around the city and by promoting safe and healthy travel.

As a follow-up to the East Hill Active Travel Plan, Council directed staff to apply and receive a grant from Healthy Communities BC to gain additional community input for the Pedestrian Cycling Master Plan and Transportation Plan, which will become a part of the Official Community Plan. The Healthy Communities Capacity Building Fund is a partnership between BC Healthy Communities Society and Healthy Families BC. This partnership supports local government engagement and partnerships across sectors for creating healthier communities, and provides learning opportunities, resources, and leading-edge practices for collaborative local action. 

After consulting with the public and key stakeholders during 15 community input sessions in 2013 and 2014, the City of Vernon was able to consult the public on best route mapping for cycling and walking and finalize the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan in August 2014. In September of 2014 this plan was endorsed by Council for inclusion in the Master Transportation Plan, currently under development.  To view the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan webpage, click here.

In November 2014, the best routes maps for cycling were finalized and printed in late December. These maps can viewed here. Free copies of the community identified cycling map are located at Vernon City Hall (3400-30th  Street) and Community Services Building (3001-32nd Avenue), the public library, the Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Vernon Association, Skyride and Sun Country Cycle shops and at your Vernon coffee shops.Free copies of the community identified cycling map are located at Vernon City Hall (3400-30th Street) and Community Services Building (3001-32nd Avenue), the public library, the Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Vernon Association, Skyride and Sun Country Cycle shops, the Tourist Information Centre and at your Vernon coffee shops.

A big heartfelt thank you to Skyride and Sun Country Cycle shops for sponsoring the printing of Vernon's Community Bike Map. The best routes maps for walking will follow once the downtown way finding project is completed.

Cycling and Safety

There are five basic principles of safe cycling, according to BikeSense, the British Columbia Bicycle Operator’s Manual:

  • Maintain your bicycle in good working order.
  • Be as visible as possible to others. Be lit in the day and night.
  • Learn the skills needed to control your bike.
  • Cycle in traffic safely and predictably.
  • Know and obey the rules of the road.

In addition to these principles, there are a number of specific tips for safe cycling:

  • Always be visible to drivers by wearing bright reflective and coloured clothing (white, red, orange, yellow, fluorescent colours), particularly at night. In the summer, wear a light breathable reflective vest. In the cooler months, use a reflective jacket.
  • Make sure you have a bright white light on front of your bike (or use a head lamp) and use red flashing lights at the rear of your bike (attached to your helmet, bike post  and/or rear panniers)   
  • Always cycle on the right side of the road in cycle lanes when possible or cycle on multi-use paths
  • Yield to pedestrians, as they have the right of way at intersections and on multi-use paths. Use a bike bell to alert pedestrians when you are approaching them. Ring once at a distance from them, and again as you pass.
  • Wear an approved bicycle helmet that fits properly, is in good condition and approved. Hockey helmets and other types of sports helmets are not designed to protect against cycling injuries.

For additional resources please visit:

Bike Sense Manual
BikeSense has been written and reviewed by professional cycling skills instructors, cycling advocacy organizations, bicycle trained police officers and provincial authorities responsible for making and interpreting our traffic laws.

Pathways and Safety  
Tips on how to ride your bicycle safely on pathways shared by pedestrians, rollerbladers and other users.  (Courtesy of City of Kelowna Smart Trips)

How to Not Get Hit by Cars
Information on the different causes of cyclist/motorist collisions and how to avoid them.

Kids and Bicycle Safety
Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, and a great way for kids to feel independent. This guide provides safe riding tips for kids and summarizes the rules of the road.

Cycling Safely in a Roundabout (the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Government of BC)
Roundabouts are becoming more and more common in Vernon. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure,Government of BC website offers a good graphic design as well as video options for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. They describe a roundabout as a circular intersection without stop signs or electronic signals. Traffic flows counter-clockwise around a central island. Roundabouts are growing in popularity across Canada and the U.S.; Roundabouts reduce vehicle speeds through an intersection; and as a result improve safety for all road users - pedestrians; cyclists and motorists.

HUB: Your Cycling Connection
HUB is a non-profit society that works to address cycling issues in the Metro Vancouver area. Their website is a useful resource that provides links to even more information about cycling.

Why the Focus on cycling?

During community consultation for various projects in recent years, Vernon residents have consistently expressed a desire to ride bicycles more, but have SAFETY CONCERNS. The City of Vernon has responded by making cycling a high priority in all of its transportation plans.

Benefits of cycling:

  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • No sticker shock at the pump
  • More efficient use of road space
  • Higher levels of fitness and lower levels of stress
  • Safer streets

Cycling in Vernon

Cycling regulations

Cycling and Safety

Cycling Projects

Cycling Plans

Cycling Events


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