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Tourism Advisory Committee (9)

The Council of the Corporation of the City of Vernon is seeking to fill nine (9) positions on the Tourism Advisory Committee: Two (2) positions for 'Accommodation over 80 Rooms' Sector, two (2) positions for 'Accommodation under 80 Rooms' Sector, one (1) position for 'Attractions' Sector, one (1) position for 'Community at Large', one (1) position for 'Culture/Events' Sector, one (1) position for 'Golf' Sector, and one (1) position for 'Outdoor/Sport' Sector. All appointments will be for a two year term. Membership on the committee is comprised of a total of 12 voting members. The Committee's purpose is to increase year round tourism in the Vernon area with particular emphasis on overnight stays, to provide a communication channel between the local tourism sector and the City and to monitor the use of the Municipal and Regional District Tax. If you are interested in serving the community on this committee, you may pick up a copy of the Terms of Reference and a volunteer application form at Reception at City Hall or visit our website at  Applications will be accepted no later than 4:30 pm, Friday, March 20, 2015.

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