Sister Cities

On September 1, 1982, the “International Friendship Committee” was established at a City of Vernon Council meeting with the adoption of a resolution to twin with the City of Modesto, California. In the decades since it is inception, the committee, now known as the Sister Cities Committee has coordinated the twinning of five additional sister cities. From the US to India, Japan, Europe and eastern Canada, our sister cities offer a diverse opportunity for cultural exchange.

To foster a favourable climate for the exchange of information and cultural experiences between the cities of Vernon and its Sister Cities.

Vernon's Sister Cities Committee is run by volunteers and endeavors to maintain an open and vibrant relationship with its sister cities.  It has hosted visitors from many of its cities, and encourages exchanges between communities whenever possible. It is currently planning a “Sister City Adventure” to Frankenburg, Austria and Tavullia, Italy. Such  trips are open to the public and paid for individually.
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Sister Cities

India flag   Anandpur Sahib, Punjab, India, has a population of approximately 14,000, and is Vernon's newest Sister City, endorsed by Council in April of 2012. Founded in 1665, Anandpur is known as 'the Holy City of Bliss”, one of the most sacred places of the Sikh religion. Anandpur is located in the lower regions of the Himalayan Mountain Range.
Sister City Agreement


Frankenburg Austria, has a population of approximately 5,000, and became a Sister City in May of 2008. It is known as the site of the Frankenburg Dice Game of 1625, and  every 2nd year hosts a passion play about this event at its 'Wuerfelspiel', the largest natural amphitheatre in Europe. In 2013, the event attracted more than 16,000 visitors.  Visit Frankenburg for excellent views of the Alps and Upper Austria.

Saint Lambert   Saint-Lambert is a Canadian city in the province of Quebec located opposite Montreal on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. It  became a sister city in 2000.
Saint-Lambert is divided into two main sections: the original City of Saint-Lambert and the Préville neighborhood. The original City of Saint-Lambert (as it existed prior to 1969) is located from the Country Club of Montreal golf course to the border of Le Vieux-Longueuil borough. It includes the city's downtown, known as "The Village". On the other side of the Country Club of Montreal is the former City Préville, which merged with Saint-Lambert in 1969. It extends to the borders of the City of Brossard and the Longueuil borough of Greenfield Park.



Tavullia, Italy has been a Sister City to Vernon since 1993. This lovely village of approximately 7,300 is the site of a war memorial to Canadian regiments including the BC Dragoons, who were instrumental in breaking the 'Gothic Line', Germany's last major line of defence in the final stages of WWII. It is also the home town of the legendary 9-time world motorcycle champion Valentino Rossi. or Tavullia History

Towa-Cho   Tome, Japan In July 1986 a second  Sister city was added Towa-Cho, Japan was proclaimed. Some 7 years ago Towa-Cho and eight other neighbouring areas amalgamated to form Tome City. Since Towa-Cho had an existing sister relationship with the City of Vernon, Tome City agreed to continue that relationship with us. A very successful trip to Tome was carried out in the mid 2000's  made up of the Mayor of Vernon and Sister City members. Several visits from Tome of officials and students have continued to take place since that trip.

Modesto   Modesto, California was adopted as Vernon's first Sister City on September 1,1982 and is California's 16th  largest city with a population of more than 200,000. Originating as a boom-town with the coming of the railroad in 1870, Modesto's slogan, 'Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health” aptly describes its role as the centre of one of the largest and most diverse agricultural regions in the US.




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