Engineering Services

Capital Works Projects

The Engineering Department is responsible for planning, designing, budgeting and administering the City's infrastructure including, but not limited to, roads, sidewalks, traffic control, sanitary sewer and storm drainage. Headed by the Municipal Engineer, the Engineering Department works closely with Council and other Departments making Vernon a safe and attractive community.

The Engineering Department:

  • Generates long and short term planning for the extension and upgrading of municipal works and services to accommodate population growth and to ensure the public safety efficiency and reliability of the works.
  • Carries out detailed design and coordinates the construction of both new and upgraded works (local improvements) for the city's infrastructure.
  • Provides annual and long term capital works budgets for Council's review and approval.
  • Develops and recommends Engineering policies and bylaws to senior management and City Council and administers such policies and bylaws.
  • Reviews and approves works proposed by other public and private utilities within City rights-of-way.
  • Acts as a liaison with other levels of government, utility companies and community groups on engineering issues.
  • Provides engineering input for applications received by Planning, Development & Engineering Services, including subdivisions, building and development permits, rezoning and variances.
  • Reviews and approves private development proposals to ensure developments are constructed in accordance with the City's engineering standards as outlined in the Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw.
  • Collects and maintains data on City infrastructure for analysis and inventory such as video inspection of sewer pipes, traffic counts, field surveys and road evaluations.
The Engineering Department is located at 3001 - 32 Ave.
Community Services Building.
Contact Info
 General Inquiries:  250-550-3634
 Fax: 250-545-5309


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