Development Permits Pilot Project

The City of Vernon is undertaking a three month pilot project to trial updated application's for rezoning, subdivision, development permit major and development variance permits between February 4 and April 26, 2013. During this time, the applications fees have been reduced by $200.00 (for development permit, development variance permit and rezoning) to encourage participation. Those choosing to participate in the trial are asked to use the forms below to make applications. As a follow up to your participation in the permits pilot project, a survey will be available to you to tell us your impressions of the new forms and to provide input into the new process.

The existing application forms for rezoning, subdivision, development permits and development variance permits can still be found on the City webpage at  and used for applications during the trial period. Following completion of the trial, updated forms will replace the long standing application forms, but no changes to the web address will be made.

Information on the new permits, their required materials for submission and on the Development Scorecard is available on this page, below.

A pre-application meeting can be arranged with key City of Vernon staff to review applications prior to submission. Pre-application meetings may offer applicants valuable feedback, advice and direction that can result in time and money savings. Please note that there is a $200 fee associated with these meetings. If you are interested in arranging a meeting, refer to the Pre-Application Meeting Form

Development District 1: City Centre

Development District 2: Neighbourhood District

Development District 3: Hillside Residential and Agricultural District

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