Traffic & Parking Meter Compliance

Traffic Bylaw #2747
Traffic bylaw #2747 controls the use of City streets, lanes and rights of way. This bylaw controls how and where a resident or visitor may park their vehicle on the street and sets differing regulations for various sizes of vehicles. This bylaw contains the provisions for all the regulatory traffic signage that you may see in our City. The bylaw also contains a number of all encompassing regulations that are not posted on City streets through signage. These regulations provide a base level of laws that may then be modified by signage. The regulations include, but are not limited to; providing base speed limits (50 km per hr on all streets, 20km per hr in lanes), general parking allowances (all vehicles must be moved every 48 hrs), and provisions for no parking in any City lane (Commercial vehicles for loading and unloading only are allowed).
Download Traffic Bylaw (400Kb PDF)

Parking Facility Bylaw #2746
Parking Facility Bylaw #2746 provides the City the ability to use parking meters to control parking within the City. The bylaw controls coinage accepted in parking meters and along with the Fees and Charges bylaw controls rates for parking on both City streets and in City Parking facilities. It provides the Manager - Bylaw Compliance the ability to make decisions on areas where parking meters may be installed and assign hourly parking limits to various areas of the City.  
Download Parking Facility Bylaw (202Kb PDF)

Fines and Penalties

The City has two separate forms of ticketing; for lesser violations or as the first step in a progressive enforcement process, Bylaw Offence Notices are used. Most parking violations will be issued under this ticket format. For more serious violations, continuing offences, or at an Officer's discretion, a Municipal Ticket Information may be issued. This ticket format contains higher fines, upon appeal may bring you before a Provincial Court judge and is normally the next step in progressive enforcement after a Bylaw Offence Notice is issued.

Bylaw #2746 and #2747 The penalty applicable to each infraction of any provision of these bylaws is set out in the Bylaw Notice Compliance Bylaw, and/or the Municipal Ticketing Information Bylaw.

Fines and Penalties - Parking Facility Bylaw #2746
The penalty applicable to each infraction of this bylaw shall be as follows:

Ticket Appeals
On the reverse side of each ticket you will find information and directions regarding how you may pay, or appeal a ticket.  Phone messages, notes attached to tickets, or a complaint to an officer on the street will not be considered as valid appeals. 

If the ticket is a “Bylaw Offence Notice”, you may appeal the ticket online, as well as through the process named on the reverse of the ticket here.  To appeal a Municipal Ticket Information, please follow the directions on the reverse of the ticket.

Should you have any questions about a violation or wish to speak to an officer to better understand a violation, you may appeal a bylaw violation notice at the the front counter of the Bylaw Division Offices, at 3001 32nd Avenue , Monday to Friday 8:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m. you may call the Bylaw Division at 250-550-3505.

Defective Parking Equipment
It is a violation to park or remain parked in a metered space if the parking meter indicates that it is "in violation", "failed" or in an "out of order" state. Please feel free to leave us a note or call us at 250-550-3505 should you find a meter operating incorrectly or in an inoperable state.


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