Airport Master Plan

Since 1946, the Vernon Regional Airport (YVK) has provided a variety of aviation services and has constituted a centre of airside manufacturing in the North Okanagan. In recent years, the aviation industry in the Okanagan has changed and a new Airport Master Plan will provide clear direction and how the airport will adapt to these changes. The Master Plan is identified as one of the Council’s goals in its 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.

An Airport Master Plan is a comprehensive study that documents the short, medium and long term development initiatives needed to meet future aviation demand. The new Master Plan will guide future airport development to meet existing and future aviation demands in a safe, cost-effective manner as per Transport Canada aviation regulations, while maximizing the community benefit of the airport lands.

The objectives of the Airport Master Plan are:

  • To evaluate both existing and future aviation needs
  • To determine long range facility requirements
  • To assess site development alternatives
  • To produce a plan which yields an economically viable, safe and sustainable public facility

The new Master Plan is also intended to delineate the vision for alternative ways to operate a viable small size airport within the city boundaries for the next 20 years.

Public Questionnaire:

Please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire. Your responses, comments and suggestions will help to create the vision for the airport.


Airport Master Plan


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